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Xippo :: Michael Shimkus

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Xippo :: Michael Shimkus

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Michael Shimkus

kompozitor i multi-instrumentalista.

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Shimkus plays guitars, keyboards, and harp when he has one. He is also voraciously eclectic in his approach to compositions. His music is passionate, emotional, joyous, intelligent and deeply beautiful. His stylistic range includes jazz, blues (which does have real “street cred”), gypsy, western medieval and renaissance, organ fugues, sub continental Indian, music of the ancient world, rock, Spanish, middle eastern, Byzantium, Beatles, Frank Zappa, Willie Dixon, Michael Oldfield, John Renbourn, Jethro Tull, J.S. Bach, African polyphony, Roots and Early American, Celtic, and Eric Satie must not be forgotten. 


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(773) 529-9135